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Lifelong learning

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The days of studying for one job and staying in that same position waiting for promotion have long since passed. The ease and availability of training and online education in the modern world has led to the average employee working in more fields and professions than ever before. According to the Financial Times, the Office for National Statistics reported that Britain’s workers are increasingly willing to change their career and a study conducted by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), found that 82 percent of the survey participants who made a career change after the age of 45 were successful in their transition.’ This data is very promising for the labour market as it means skill levels are diversifying, not stagnating, leading to a skills pool with unlimited potential.

With lifelong learning and personal development consistently becoming part of work culture across the world, we’ve compiled a few ways lifelong learning can benefit you and your career.

Expand your interest

Maybe you’re in the job of your dreams and want to improve for personal or professional reasons, alternatively, you might have an interest that is unfulfilled by your profession; either way, the addition of a new skill to your portfolio is a massive benefit. Learning new skills increases brain activity, generating more Myelin and increasing the speed and strength of electrical impulses in the brain. If we back away from the science, this basically means that even if you work as a manager and want to learn about coding, the learning process will still help your management job because you will be regularly growing myelin and activating more areas of the brain.

Lifelong learning can also work your passion into your job. Skills are often interchangeable and knowledge of multiple skills are bound to reflect in your work at some point; there’s no such thing as wasted learning. For instance, if a manager wanted to learn accountancy their profession would most certainly inform their learning and vice versa; this effect is not necessarily isolated to related fields.

Prepare for the future of your market

As a professional in your field, you’ll likely know where that sector might be going in a few years. If you don’t know this, research and train accordingly to get ahead of the job market. Is leadership becoming a more important asset to your sector? Could an online degree or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course be beneficial? The world of work is constantly changing due to client, employee and market demands; a culture of lifelong learning helps you stay ahead of these changes.

Validate years of experience

There are many reasons to continue learning into your professional life, but one of the popular reasons is to validate skills gained through experience academically. In an employment market that relies on qualifications to scope employees, people who have gained success through experience are now looking to quantify it with a degree, not only for career progression but also to learn new theories and techniques in their sector.

If you’re interested in expanding your skill set or validating your experience in management or accounting, CUC Online offers BA degree courses in Management and Leadership and Management and Professional Accounting, accredited by Coventry University. Coventry University has been named the University of the Year for the last three years, making it an ideal institution to receive your reward from.

These courses are provided online, allowing you to study anywhere and at any time. If you’re interested in studying with us, fill out our online enquiry form and a recruitment advisor will be in touch. Alternatively, you could call us on 08081 789 636 (international charges apply) or message us via Whatsapp on (+44)07493 511472.

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