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Online learning

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Online learning grows in popularity year on year as working professionals, mature learners and international students are finding the prospect and flexibility of online learning increasingly inviting. Some, however, still have the concept of early online learning models in their mind; those old-fashioned, non-accredited learning packages of the past that have been left behind by networks that connect the learner and the student. Below are five myths about online learning; the truth behind them might surprise you!

Myth 1: Employers don’t recognise online degrees

When online learning is provided by an established university, the degree/qualification you receive upon completion is often accredited by that university. This is fully explained in another CUC Online blog (Do Employers Value Online Degrees?), but this essentially means that you will receive the same qualification as those who have studied your course on-ground. CUC Online offers courses in Management and Professional Accounting and Management and Leadership, both of which are studied on-ground and the final qualifications are of exactly the same value, with no mention of the online study mode. In addition, Susan Fontana, regional vice president of Manpower, states that employers can even favour online students because they have demonstrated the ability to juggle multiple commitments.

Myth 2: Online students never communicate with a lecturer

Modern technology means that this myth can be easily debunked. Common programmes such as Skype, discussion forums on the online learning environment and dedicated student support teams mean that the CUC Online learner is never kept in isolation. An online student can ask their lecturer questions about the course, make administrative enquires via phone or email and are encouraged to discuss course topics with fellow students. Discussion between students is a great way to learn because online classes are often made up of individuals from multiple walks of life and at different career stages, meaning discussions are a source of experience and learning.

Myth 3: You have to be online at certain times

Online learning at CUC is asynchronous, meaning you can complete your modules at a time to suit you. Some people do a little every day, some complete their work in concentrated hours on the weekend and some revise a little on their lunch break; it’s completely based on your schedule. The only time restraints are for assessments, where you will have to complete work for certain dates or occasionally attend tests at a location near you.

Myth 4: Online learning is easy

Online learning is easily achievable but it is not as easy as some people think. After all, most online learners are studying for full degrees and studying online doesn’t mean the content is less challenging. Despite the challenge, millions of online learners study and succeed worldwide so don’t let the difficulty put you off!

Myth 5: Student finance doesn’t apply to online courses (UK & EU students only)

If you are a UK or EU national, you may well be eligible for student finance funding. Eligible individuals can get the entirety of their tuition costs covered in this way, meaning you suffer no immediate expenditure. When it comes to tuition costs, student finance is not based on income, thus your loan will not be limited by how much you earn. Repayments are generally low; on a yearly salary of £30,000, monthly payments could be as little as £93 a month.

Coventry University College Online offers online accounting and management degrees accredited by Coventry University, a top 15 UK University (Guardian University Guide 2016). If you’re interested in any of the myths we busted above, why not fill in our online enquiry form here to receive more information? Alternatively, you could also call us on 08081 789 636 (charges may apply for international calls), we also have a Whatsapp number for international applicants: 07493 511472.


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