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‘Ambition never comes to an end.’

– Kenneth Kaunda

Do you see yourself rising to the top of your career? If so, it’s likely that you’ll take on some form of management responsibility in the future. But while Mr Kaunda states that ambition never comes to an end, it doesn’t mean that’s all you need to achieve. Effective managers and leaders share certain qualities that ensure they get the best out of their teams. These qualities can be innate and taught, learned and nurtured but, before you think of moving to a new management position with new responsibilities, it might be beneficial to see which of the following qualities you have and which needs work.

1) You are an effective communicator

Communication is essential to effective management. Your position as a motivator, teacher and coach is dependent on your ability to clearly convey to your team what needs to be done as well as the reason behind it. You’ll also need to recognise the need for feedback and relay both positive and negative feedback in a constructive manner. Settling disputes may also be a (hopefully infrequent) part of your role, so it’s important that you can listen and act effectively in a possibly hostile environment.

2) Despite working in the same role, your colleagues come to you for advice

This behaviour from your colleagues shows that you’re respected, have a certain level of authority and are something of an expert in your role. This is a good indicator that you’re ready to move on to management, as assisting with particularly challenging tasks in the employee job spec may be one of your duties. This also shows that your colleagues see you as knowledgeable and approachable, which would lead to much smoother conflict outcomes.

3) You already have good working relationships with different departments in the business

Not only does this make life much easier when you make the leap to management, it also marks you as a team player with good people skills. Your current role may not necessarily require you to network with many people in the office, even so, those you do interact with should know you as reliable and approachable.

4) You understand the whole company, not just your 9-5

If promoted to management, it is likely that your department, team or area will have targets or long term goals. These goals will often mesh with that of other departments and, when achieved, will result in long-term positives for the business. Knowing the overall aims and objectives of the business and the processes/efforts each department takes to meet them is necessary to both contextualise your department’s day-to-day work and help employees understand changing policies, targets or initiatives. Having a holistic view of operations allows you to quickly discern when to escalate, where problems could have arisen in any process and where a business’s pressure points are.

5) You already take on small managerial roles

Have you ever been asked to train or mentor new hires? Lead smaller meetings, review a colleague’s work or oversee projects? If any of these apply to you, this could be a sign that your line manager thinks you’re ready for management opportunities. If you’re not being asked to take on these duties, are there any similar opportunities coming up? Take the initiative and see how you cope in a management environment.

If you think you’re ready for management, the best foundation is a good education. The CUC Online BA in Management and Leadership provides students with essential foundation knowledge for a management career including, leadership concepts, information and decision making, communication skills and project leadership. To start your online learning journey and take the first step towards a degree from an award-winning institution, fill out our online enquiry form, contact us on 08081 789 636 (international charges apply) or view our courses. International students can reach us on Whatsapp messenger without incurring charges on 07493 511472.

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