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online learning tips

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As lovers of online learning, we’ve filled our blog and website with online learning tips for students. But while these tips might help you get started and achieve, you might need a little something extra to keep you typing away on your laptop after a hard day’s work. We share some of our ‘less academic’ strategies for getting through any studying blues you may (occasionally!) suffer from.

For when it’s assignment time

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher
online learning tips

Ignore the quote above. That was a ploy to draw you in.

Rewarding yourself is key to learning. Knowledge may be its own reward but giving yourself something to look forward to after you’ve finished an assignment or completed a large chunk of revision is a great motivational technique and goes a long way to ease your anxiety about upcoming exams or assignments. Keep a takeaway website open in your browser window while studying for your assignments and treat yourself once you’ve completed your work.

For when you need to work but you’re suffering from a case of ‘Just one more episode.’


You know how it is. You just started season 2 of Daredevil and things are not looking good in Hell’s Kitchen. You want to keep watching but you’re 2 sessions behind in your module and you feel that small pang of guilt at the prospect of putting it off. Like with the previous point, it’s good to build a reward system. If you have 2 sessions to complete, watch an episode in between, but make sure the show doesn’t draw you in. A good TV series is the death of productivity. Why not match your viewing with your course load and highlight points of reward, i.e. ‘by the time I’ve reached episode 3 I will have completed 6 sessions’ etc.

For when you’ve been working hard but need to get away from the screen

online learning tips

The best thing about online learning is that it’s portable. You can take your work to the local park, coffee shop or restaurant. Your friends may also be undergoing training, career development and personal hobbies, so even if they’re not studying an online degree, you may be able to find a study partner somewhere in your friend circle. Here’s the science bit: a study showed changing study spaces leads to improved recall because the brain makes associations between learning content and background sensations – more background means more associations. Use that science as justification to treat yourself to a cake in the local café while working through your modules.

For when your week has been less organised than you’d like


It helps tremendously when you have an established study plan; something concrete to track your progress and keep you on target. In a perfect world, your study plan would guide you to success every week and nothing would ever get in the way of you learning your course content. In the real world, however, we have family commitments, work commitments and social promises to keep, so don’t worry too much if you miss some days from your study plan or fall a little bit behind. Just be sure to make up the work and ask your tutors for assistance where you need it. With CUC Online you can study anywhere and at any time, so it really opens up your schedule.

Those were some quick and dirty tips for new online learners. If you haven’t started an online learning course but are thinking about it, contact our recruitment advisors by phone on 08081 789 636 (international charges apply) or by filling out our online enquiry form. Why not view our courses and see what a qualification in management or accounting could help you achieve?

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