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great CV

Posted by & filed under Careers and Beyond.

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Everyone wants their CV to get noticed by employers, and while printing it on pink paper with bright yellow text is one way of doing that, it’s not necessarily the best. Some clever people out there have used their skill set both to show both their qualifications and competency.  We’ve previously covered steps to build a great CV in our blog, How to write a great CV in half the time, but if you have the skills these following examples are perfect inspiration to do something different. On average, employers receive 20 CVs for every advertisement for a skilled job, according to Kevin Peachey, personal finance reporter for BBC News, so a unique and relevant CV could be your way through the crowd.

  • Selling yourself on Amazon – Phillipe Dubost, Web Product Manager

This cleverly designed interactive CV made the news when it was published in 2013. Using the well-known Amazon page template Phillipe, a talented web designer, decided to direct his potential employers to his own product page, which includes adapted versions of all the traditional Amazon features such as the ‘frequently bought together’ section, add to wish list and customer review section, which shows Phillipe’s previous references. The page combines humour with content, with customer reviews being replaced with his previous experience and his education under ‘product details.’ The page also features buttons such as ‘add to wedding registry’; once clicked, a dialogue box promptly informing you that ‘it’s not happening. It’s not you… It’s me.’ With this kind of thought and innovation, it’s no wonder Phillipe is out of stock; a product update on the page states: March 26th, 2013: After 2 months and 1,500,000 visitors, I’ve found THE job! Thank you!

  • Strutting your stuff on Vine – Dawn Siff, Journalist

Not a lot is said in Dawn Siff’s 6-second video resume but the ease and marketability of Vine allowed the Journalist to reach a number of potential employers through social media. The full script: ‘Journalist, Strategist, Manager, Deadline Jedi; Idea machine, Dawn Siff’, only provides employers with vague highlights but it shows that Dawn has a knowledge of social media, which is near-essential for the modern journalist.

  • Finding answers on your personalised google – Chris Liu, writer

Chris Liu wanted a way to differentiate himself from the crowd and so created a mock Google page, named Luigle, in order to give employers one place to find all of his social media accounts and website domains. This way, he was sure that employers were finding the content he wanted to show them and allowing them to discover his creative talents in the process. Want to see? Just ask Luigle.

Embracing new techniques

There are plenty of new ways to make you stand out from the crowd without you having to attend a web design course to make and amazing, quirky website. A website is a useful tool, and if you just want to host content, WordPress is ideal and free. Applying for a marketing job? Include a QR code on your CV that leads to a website or social media page with your video CV or further information on. However you use your alternative CV techniques, ensure that they are relevant to your field, utilising techniques that you would possibly be using in your future job. For example, an infographic CV would go down well with an advertising or graphic design company, but not with a firm of chartered accountants.

Though these examples have been generally successful, be careful hen coming up with any alternative CV ideas. Peter Panayotou, a senior consultant at The Write Stuff, said that while it is important to stand out from the crowd, going too far could put contractors at a disadvantage. It’s important to remember that an employer will be used to dealing with CVs in the traditional way, so transitioning to something special in order to view yours may be unwelcome. An alternative or online CV should support your application, not be the basis of it.

No matter how polished a CV, quality education and work experience stand out overall. If you want to boost your career and study a degree in accounting or management without leaving work or other commitments, CUC Online offer online courses to suit you. All degrees are accredited by Coventry University, Times Higher Education Modern University of the Year for the last three years. Find out more by viewing our courses, completing our online enquiry form or contacting an advisor on 08081 789 636 (charges apply for international calls). International applicants can contact the recruitment team through Whatsapp to avoid call charges: 07493 511472.

Image source: NY – http://nyphotographic.com/


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